The extreme keyboard for all

Everybody loves high-tech gadgets.
Our's different.
It is unique, simple, easy to install and above all:
easy to grasp and configure.

Plug & Play

Just plug your keyboard and it works!
Compatible with Windows ©, Mac © and of course Linux.

Configure it


Thousands of possible combinations. Whether you are a programmer, graphic designer, copywriter, accountant, or gamer, configure the shortcuts of your favorite programs at your convenience thanks to our simple and user-friendly software.

Check it out here.


From now on, you are:

  • more comfortable
  • more productive
  • faster
  • in a healthy position
  • a potential winner!



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The benefits

Here are the main features of this keyboard.
Features you’ll hardly find somewhere else.
And you will find those features all together only in the Ergofip©.
No jokes.
It's the only keyboard in the world which has those features.


Reduces carpal tunnel syndrome


You'll be the only one to have such a pretty keyboard!


Mechanical keyboards are known to have a faster response time.

For the gamers:

Easy to configure

It's so easy you won't believe it. Only at first sight.

Silent? Clicky? Noisy?

We'll provide it with four different keys/switches: black, red, brown or blue. It's up to you!


You'll be able to fully customize your keyboard. And to add "macros" so when you press one key, many ones are sent to the computer!

For everybody

- Configure your keyboard for each member of the family:

  • One for the typewriter
  • One for the gamers
  • Classical configuration for grandma
  • And so on! There's no limit.

- Easy to configure for kids

- Removes carpal syndrome

For the professionals

- Faster to type

- Faster to react in team play

- Faster to get your job done

- Keep your configuration with you all the time

For the gamers

- Faster to type

- Faster to code

- More chances to win

- Mechanical keyboards are known to have a faster response time when you press the keys.

For the student

- This keyboard has its configuration in it!

- Take it with you... and no need to configure again all your programs: it's already in the Ergofip ©!


If you use the computer daily, you may have what some cashier have: the carpal syndrome.

Classical keyboards "force" you to be in a bad position.

The Ergofip will help you to be in the right position: it reduces (maybe eliminates, which is the case for Olivier Pons, the creator of the Ergodox©) the carpal syndrome.


- Mechanical keyboards have a faster response time: it's almost sent before you clic. Ok... we said "almost"!

- With some macros, you can send all the messages: send the right message at the right time in one key press!

Configurations samples

You are unique.

Unique style = unique keyboard.

For touch typists

Without RGB, blank keys



Classical keyboard

Without RGB, custom printed keys



For state-of-the-art touch typists

With RGB, blank keys



Extreme keyboard

With RGB, custom printed keys


Ergofip keyboard

The extreme keyboard for everyone

A keyboard beyond imagination.

Send a whole message in one key press

You can easily configure the Ergofip © to send a whole message to your mates in a game with one key press!

Just open the online configurator here, login and create your macros.

Once you're happy, assign it to one key, and get the file to put into your keyboard!

Everywhere. Always the same.

Bring your keyboard with you.

The whole configuration is in it!

Bring it with you: at home, at school, at work...

Plug it and here we go!

Nothing to configure, all your macros are in the keyboard!

Perfect keyboard sound

We've made very small feet so the sound of the keyboard is not transmitted to the support it's on.

Whether you want you keyboard silent or clicky, the sound wont be transmitted to the support it's on.

You'll get just perfect sound!

Designed by actual professionnals.

We're not only a team of keyboard enthusiastics.
We're professionnals too.

The electronic design is made for durability

For electronicians this picture is worth a thousand words about the overall quality.

the team

We are a small team of geeks. Inventor, hacker and designer from the different parts of the world on a mission: make the world a better place to live.

Olivier Pons

Olivier Pons

Co-Founder and CTO/Web
Damien Vidal

Damien Vidal

Co-Founder and CTO/Electronics
Franck Lagathu

Franck Lagathu

Commercial & founder of Cogofly

Brandon Sueur

Full-Stack developper & Graphist


We build this keyboard with many countries.
By alphabetical order (clic to see more):

RGB LEDs and mold are all made in China.
Assembly, and quality testing of the whole Ergofip.
The transparent Cherry MX come from Cherry
Cherry MX transparent 3D picture
Cherry MX transparent picture with brand
Custom Printing of the caps.
Maxkeyboards ergofip caps picture


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

4 years ago

Geek's keyboard idea

Olivier Pons thought about that... but alone was "impossible mission".


10 different keyboards!

He buys ten different keyboards and tries them 'all... and realizes what's missing and what a lot of people may want!

First semester 2015

Saved money to invest

...even with some money, being alone is always a problem.
You always need a partner to realize your dreams!

Second semester 2015

Partnership! \o/

HQF Development / Olivier Pons made a partnership with Spicetronic / Damien Vidal, one of the best electronics engineer around.

First quarter 2016

Research & Development

Spicetronic designs the electronics of the Ergofip ©.

Second quarter 2016


HQF Development designs the whole Ergofip © configurator. Easy, fast, and online!

Third quarter 2016

Not one but two prototypes!

Spicetronic makes two working prototypes of the Ergofip ©.

Franck join us!

Franck Lagathu, a well renowned commercial, believes in this product and is willing to help it being a huge success!

End of the year 2016

Croudfunding Campaign

After making two successful working prototypes it's now time to embark for the journey of industrialization!

We need a successful croudfunding campaign to go one step further.

First quarter 2017

Mass Production

Spicetronic has a already made a successful mass production of many electronics components.

Going mass production will be only a matter of time, not capabilities.

First quarter 2017

Advanced configurator

There are many ideas to add to the configurator.

Even though it's already working, some cool stuff will be added, configurations sharing amongst other.

Bright future


Just try it online!

You'll be able to practice and have fun until we go mass production!

Get in touch



Some possible configurations

(The actual limit is your imagination)

4 models here
  1. RGBs are the LEDs that make your keyboard blink the way you want.
    If you dont want your keyboard to be shiny - although you may disable LEDs with our online configurator, you can still order an Ergofip without LEDs.
  2. Classical keyboard
    Without RGB, custom printed keys
  3. For state-of-the-art touch typists
    With RGB, blank keys
  4. Extreme keyboard
    With RGB, custom printed keys