Highly customizable hightech mechanical keyboard

A high-tech keyboard that is easy to install,
easy to grasp and configure.

Open source

  • A keyboard inspired by the Ergodox keyboard
  • Fully open-source (GPL v3)
  • Totally re-written from scratch and still GLP-licenced
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Plug and play

  • Plug it in and it works!

There's no more to say here... because it's just so easy to use.


  • International configurator
  • Configure your keys
  • Configure your RGB colors
  • Configure what will be printed on your keycaps
  • Create your macros
  • Share your configuration
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What's More

  • 100% configurable RGB LEDs
  • Comes with many LED effects
  • You can order blank keycaps, pre-defined keycaps or design your own keycaps!
  • Sound not distorted by the environment
  • Keyboard locking
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  • Send many keys in one key press
  • Bring it with you everywhere
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Here is the latest news:

  • Some of our old rubber-domes keyboards
  • Some of our latest mechanical keyboards
  • The Ergofip keyboard prototype #1
  • What's coming next
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Ergofip blank keyboard

If you order  Blank keycaps

Nothing is printed on the keycaps.

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Those keycaps are designed for typewriters. RGB leds are very shiny and it's a gorgeous keyboard.

Ergofip keyboard: custom keycaps vs blank keycaps

Custom or blank?

Whether you choose custom keycaps or blank you'll be satisfied.

The Ergofip is the keyboard you've always been waiting for.

Ergofip left side with custom keycaps

If you order Custom keycaps

Here's and example (left part) of what you can order. Thanks to the configurator you can customize everything, including what will be printed on the keycaps!

the team

We are a small team of geeks. Inventors, hackers and designers from the different parts of the world on a mission: make the world a better place.

Olivier Pons

Olivier Pons

Founder and CTO/Web
Hervé Beraud

Hervé Beraud

CTO/Electronics / Python Expert
Franck Lagathu

Franck Lagathu

Sales and communication Director & founder of Cogofly


We will build this keyboard with many countries.
By alphabetical order (click to see more):

RGB LEDs and mold are all made in China.
Assembly, and quality testing of the whole Ergofip.
The transparent Cherry MX come from Cherry
Cherry MX transparent 3D picture
Cherry MX transparent picture with brand
Custom Printing of the caps.
Maxkeyboards ergofip caps picture


Here’s a roadmap of our product to highlight the milestones from the initial phase to delivery and future updates.

4 years ago

Geek's keyboard idea

Olivier Pons thought about a new, unique design... but alone it was an impossible mission.


10 different keyboards!

He buys ten different keyboards and tries them all... and realizes what's missing and what a lot of people may want!

First semester 2015

Saved money to invest

...even with some money, being alone is always a problem.
Despite the money, you won't go far on your own. You need a partner who shares your dream!

Second semester 2015

Partnership! \o/

HQF Development / Olivier Pons made a partnership with Hervé Beraud, an electronic engineer specializing in the industrialization process.

First quarter 2016

Research & Development

Hervé designs the electronics of the Ergofip.

Second quarter 2016


HQF Development designs the whole Ergofip configurator. Easy, fast, and online!

Third quarter 2016

Not one but two prototypes!

Hervé makes two working prototypes of the Ergofip. The second has more keys for the thumbs.

Franck joins us!

Franck Lagathu, a well renowned sales manager, believes in this product and is willing to help make it a huge success!

End of the year 2016

Croudfunding campaign

After making two successful working prototypes it's now time to embark on the journey of industrialization!

Unfortunately, the crowdfunding campaign didn't work as expected. But we never give up!

First semester 2017

Mass production

Hervé Beraud has already made a successful mass production of many of its electronics components.

Going into mass production will be only a matter of time, not capability.

Second semester 2017

Advanced configurator

There are many ideas to add to the configurator.

Even though it's already working, some cool stuff will be added such as configurations sharing.

Bright future


Try it!

You'll be able to practice and have fun until we start mass production!

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Some possible configurations

The limit is your imagination

4 models here
  1. RGBs are the LEDs that make your keyboard blink the way you want.
    If you dont want your keyboard to be shiny - although you may disable LEDs with our online configurator, you can still order an Ergofip without LEDs.
  2. Classical keyboard
    Without RGB, custom printed keys
  3. For state-of-the-art touch typists
    With RGB, blank keys
  4. Extreme keyboard
    With RGB, custom printed keys